Internet Service Providers

The BrooksNET network will enable service providers to offer high-speed internet and maximum bandwidth at competitive prices. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a list of service providers, visit their websites, and explore packages that better suit your needs.

Galaxy Broadband logo
Galaxy Broadband is the first company to provide symmetrical fibre optic internet for businesses on BrooksNET, setting new standards for high-speed, reliable & secure internet connectivity so businesses can stay connected with their customers and employees, no matter where they are located.

Galaxy Fibre delivers 100% fibre network to your home, offering up to 2 Gigabits per second symmetrical speeds for reliable connections, even during peak hours. Enjoy uninterrupted video calls, streaming, and gaming. Plus, access RallyTV to stream Live TV and enjoy your favorite shows, sports, news, movies, and entertainment anytime, anywhere.

More Internet Service Providers Coming Soon.