Getting Fibre Optic Internet in Your Area and What to Expect

City of Brooks, Alberta

The BrooksNET Vision

You have probably heard about all the plans BrooksNET has in the pipeline and seen all the construction work around Brooks to bring high speed fibre internet to your home. It’s been quite the journey and we all appreciate your patience and interest in our vision. 

Fibre will bring so much to Brooks, whether for households who will enjoy a whole new level of high speed internet or the community at large who will benefit from a more robust technology infrastructure.

If you’re interested in getting a high speed fibre internet connection, you can head here to get connected. Once you submit your information, you can expect the following:

1. Galaxy Fibre will be your Internet service provider in Brooks

Our current retail provider, Galaxy Fibre, will reach out once you submit your information. Please keep an eye out for any correspondence from Galaxy Fibre. BrooksNet is building the technology, and Galaxy Fibre will be providing the fibre installation, service, support, and billing, and will be your main contact moving forward. 

2. Choose the best internet plan based on your needs

Through Galaxy Fibre, you will have the option to choose an internet plan and TV add-on that works best for your households needs. They’ll be providing you with all the details and will help you decide the best fit for you from the different options available. 

3. Book a site visit

The team at Galaxy Fibre will need to visit your property to plan how the fibre internet can be delivered directly to your home. We want to make sure that when the fibre line is delivered into your home/business, we don’t ruin any landscaping or concrete. We’ll be digging or drilling and burying the fibre line from the alley to your home – it won’t be done wirelessly and won’t be strung along your fence. 

A direct fibre connection is the fastest, most reliable and most effective way to experience real high speed fibre internet. It is worth noting that some internet providers advertise fibre internet, but it is often not pure fibre and the speed is at par with cable. Not the case with us–100% pure fibre with unmatched speed.

Which Neighbourhoods Will Have Access to the Network?

Every neighbourhood in Brooks will have access to high speed fibre Internet. This is a community-built initiative that was made for and by the community. High speed internet is not an amenity–it is an essential utility and everyone will have equal access. 

The entire initiative to bring fibre to Brooks was driven by the principles of technology equity and to provide rural communities with access to the same level of technology as their urban neighbours. 

We have planned our installation process by zoning Brooks. Here is a map of our zoning layout:

City of Brooks zoning layout

You can find out which zone your neighbourhood falls into by submitting your info here. Once your neighbourhood gets mapped to the zone, you will know how soon fibre will be coming to your area. 

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