Gear Up for the Brooks Bombers’ 2023 Season with BrooksNET

the baseball team Brooks Bombers team photo 2023

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, you know it’s the baseball season in Brooks. And while we might not pack the stadium with thousands, those of us who follow our local team, the Brooks Bombers, are always excited and ready to support our players.

The crack of the bat, the cheer of the crowd, and the anticipation as the ball soars; that’s the magic of baseball in Brooks. As we move into the second half of the  2023 season, the boys are geared up and ready to leave their mark on the field.

The 2023 Season: The Action So Far and What’s Next

The Bombers opened their season with a hard-fought battle against the reigning champions, the Okotoks Dawgs, on May 26th. The month ended on a high note as we bested the Fort McMurray Giants in a monumental victory. 

June saw a resilient Brooks Bombers side start the month by falling to the Okotoks Dawgs but coming out on top of the Swift Current 57s, demonstrating the Bombers’ never-say-die spirit. Fan favourite, Eric Rataczak, consistently impresses, blasting home runs and boasting a .371 batting average, earning him a slot in the July 15th All Star Game.

As we navigate through July, the Bombers’ determination hasn’t waned. From the road trips into Saskatchewan to the home-and-away matchups against the Medicine Hat Mavericks and Lethbridge Bulls,  there’s lots of action to look forward to.

Looking into August, anticipation builds as playoff spots become coveted, and with key matchups such as the multiple encounters with Fort McMurray Giants on the horizon – the anticipation of a thrilling post-season looms for the Bombers’ journey.

baseball team in Brooks Alberta plays at home

Watch Them on HomeTeam

Keep yourself in the loop of all Brooks Bombers matches through HomeTeam, a web-based streaming platform. It allows you to watch the games from any device, whether your web browser, mobile device, or even via screen casting to a Smart TV.

By subscribing to the Western Canadian Baseball League, you can keep track of the team’s performances, catch up on past games, and even watch highlights and reports.

But, a stable and fast internet connection is essential to ensure a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience of the Bombers’ games. And that’s where BrooksNET comes in. 

High-Speed Streaming with BrooksNET

BrooksNET, our community-owned open-access fibre optic network, ensures that you have access to cutting-edge internet technology for streaming all the Bombers’ games. To get connected, simply reach out to our internet service provider, Galaxy Fibre. They will provide you with high-speed internet on our network, allowing you to stay in sync with every play.

  • No more buffering: Gone are the days of buffering screens and missed moments. With a pure fibre-optic network, you experience the game as if you’re in the stands cheering for our team.
  • Reliable connection: 100% fibre optic network ensures a steady and reliable connection, so the action never stops on your screen.
  • Community-focused: As a community-owned network, BrooksNET is committed to providing the best experience for Brooks residents.

A Community Brought Together by Baseball

The power of baseball goes beyond the sport itself. It can bring people together to create a sense of community and belonging. The Brooks Bombers and BrooksNET share this understanding and have a common goal: fostering community spirit.

From the collective cheer of a home run to the shared suspense of a close game, these moments of unity are strengthening our community bonds. It’s not just about watching baseball; it’s about experiencing it together as a community.

Baseball creates shared memories and experiences. It provides us with a common language, a shared passion. And with the convenience of high-quality streaming provided by our Internet Service Providers through BrooksNET, we can all come together to support and cheer for our local team.

So, don’t forget to check out HomeTown Live to stay on top of the season