City of Brooks: A Rural Town with a Melting Pot of a Big City

City of Brooks, Alberta


Though technically a City, Brooks embodies the warmth and charm of a rural town; a close-knit community, with expansive farmlands, tarmac country roads, and an idyllic ambience one would never find in typical urban city centres. Further enriching its charm, Dinosaur Provincial Park, located just outside of Brooks, is one of the richest dinosaur fossil locales in the world, providing an awe-inspiring glimpse of the prehistoric beasts that roamed the area, long before civilization began.

One of the appeals of cosmopolitan cities is the multicultural experience they provide, thanks to immigrants and workers from all over the world coexisting and commingling within the same city radius. Rural towns often epitomise more of a local flair, and in case of Brooks, its residents give it a bona fide Western identity. The twist here is that while Brooks remains a cattle ranch city, it has cultivated a demographic that is wondrously diverse, with residents originating from almost 70 different countries who have settled in Brooks and made it their home.

What is Brooks, Alberta known for?

The documentary “Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos” by Canadian filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk explores this interesting evolution that Brooks has undergone. It all started about 10 years ago when the local meat packing plant, XL Foods Lakeside Packers, started bringing over and employing about 2,000 workers from all parts of the world, many of whom came with aspirations of starting a new life in Canada. 

They have adorned Brooks with windows to different cultures and countries–new schools teaching English as a second language started popping up, different multicultural churches spread across the city, a mosque was built for the first time, and a slew of ethnic stores were launched that gave residents a taste of a world outside of Brooks. It is now believed that over 100 languages are spoken in Brooks.

“Brooks is unique,” says Brooks Mayor Martin Shields. “It was basically 14,000 in population who changed in 10 years from basically one culture, one language to representing as many as 60 to 70 different countries with many languages and dialects.”

Impact of Local Businesses Can Transcend Economic Prosperity

The impact local businesses can make on local prosperity is immense, especially for the communities children

It was one organisation that brought about a progressive, heart-warming cultural change to Brooks, and one can only imagine the impact multiple organisations can have to the city, given the right conditions. It goes beyond profits, jobs and the economic advancement that come with the blossoming of businesses. It can also create a beautiful melting pot that enriches the soul and opens minds. 

Bringing High Speed Internet to the City of Brooks

Galaxy Fibre, together with The City of Brooks are building “BrooksNet”, a transformational, best-in-class optical fibre internet technology infrastructure that will provide businesses the fertile ground to launch and grow in The City of Brooks. 

Businesses will be able to reach broader markets, with expanded employee recruiting capabilities, while residents of Brooks improved access to essential services around the world, such as healthcare, e-learning and government services will further enhance the quality of life within the city.  

The City of Brooks is on a clear path for further economic prosperity with the richness of culture and diversity of this unique city continuing to exemplify the true meaning of Community.