BrooksNet Sponsors Game Jam Event

Teacher and students in a clasroom

About Game Jam

As a champion of technology and in accordance with all its efforts to enhance the technology infrastructure in Brooks, BrooksNet was thrilled to sponsor the Game Jam event hosted by the Brooks Composite High School. Game Jam events have been held for the past three years, where participants compete to create a video game from scratch. They have 12 hours across two days to create a game within a specific set of parameters, and a panel of judges decide the winner(s) after playing the games created by the participants. This year, students initially worked on preliminary coding with direction from Computer Science teacher David Brown. Then they get into action, creating a video game that ultimately vies for the top prize. 

There were over 20 students participating, double the number of participants last year. Students had the opportunity to speak with Hanif Joshaghani, a tech-entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO of Symend, based in Calgary. Joshaghani told his story about growing up in a refugee camp, immigrating to Canada, his rise through the tech world, and what type of tech skills he thinks will be in high demand in the near future. With demand for programmers, software engineers and coders increasing substantially, these events are particularly meaningful to foster a generation of tech talents. And with an organization such as BrooksNet whose progressive vision is evidenced by its ongoing plans to bring fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) internet connectivity to Brooks, Game Jam is the ideal event to be held under its patronage. FTTH internet connectivity opens the door for residents looking to embark on tech careers, since jobs in this field are often carried out remotely or from home. A robust Internet connection gives aspiring technologists the tools to pursue the careers of their dreams. 

Congratulations to all the participants!

  • First place – Hui Yan Zhuo (Winner of a Nintendo Switch courtesy of BrooksNET)
  • Second place – Jude Kingston
  • Third place – Lyndon Bork & Dylan Delibigovic
  • Young Gun (young developers) – Kieran Sutherland & Tyrone Coombs
  • Rookie Developer – Adam Hartling

Furthermore, by installing a solid infrastructure, we are paving the way for students of all ages to pursue the field of their liking through virtual learning. The growth and change of how learning is taking place around the world is remarkable, breaking down all barriers of traditional educational models that are quickly becoming archaic. Distance learning is the future, and Brooksnet and Galaxy Fibre are building a technology infrastructure that keeps the future open for possibilities. 

e-Learning: Why Its Popularity Demands Reliable Internet

e-Learning has become increasingly popular, and this popularity means that users should have the means and tools that allows them to successfully engage with it. Fibre Internet gives future students a reliable connection that allows them to explore e-learning opportunities and fulfill their education goals. BrooksNet, together with Galaxy Fibre, understand how distance learning has numerous advantages that will only make it more popular with time:

1. Better time management

With e-learning, you don’t have to take a career pause in order to pursue education. You can always keep your job and enroll in a program that you can schedule and coordinate around your job. Although this is also feasible with evening programs, with e-learning you get an added layer of flexibility that is extremely convenient–and not just for career-focused students. Students who have domestic and family obligations will find e-learning programs of tremendous value as they can fulfill their lifestyle roles while pursuing their degrees. 

2. Highly accessible

No degree is ever far-fetched with distance learning. Almost any skill or knowledge area is at your fingertips. This level of accessibility specifically appeals to rural or remote communities who often don’t have access to a wide range of in-person educational programs in close proximity. 

3. Affordable degrees

A lot of the degrees offered through distance learning are diplomas and certificates, which can be more affordable than Bachelor or Masters degrees. For students looking to continue their education or learn specific skills, degrees on that scale that are often offered through distance education programs can be of tremendous help. 

Gam Jam Event

4. A collaborative experience

The value of being in a classroom goes without saying. E-learning doesn’t fundamentally change that, as the classroom in that context just becomes virtual. There are still group activities and collaboration, albeit all not in person. 

Fibre Internet is a step to make all that possible for Brooks, and Galaxy Fibre will be the first to bring this service to residents in early 2023. We are actively playing a role in allowing residents to become more qualified, and in effect positively impact the community with their acquired skills and knowledge. Game Jam showed plenty of promise, and the infrastructure we are building will give a launchpad for these talents to propel their potential.