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We’re building a community-owned open-access fibre-optic network

The City of Brooks in partnership with Community Network Partners will build and operate a Fibre-Optic Network called BrooksNET. Our residents will have access to the fastest internet technology and welcome new opportunities for community and economic growth.

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Our community-focused solution to create new opportunities

Communities often leave the task to develop the infrastructure and deliver internet services to private service providers. Traditionally, large telecom service providers primarily focus on the larger and more profitable urban centres leaving smaller communities with low service levels and high costs.

The City of Brooks in partnership with Community Network Partners is building a municipally owned fibre-optic network called BrooksNET. Services will soon be available to residents of Brooks with speeds up to 10 Gbps delivered by various Retail Service Providers. Moving forward, residents and businesses will get access to the connectivity they require at affordable rates while bringing revenue back to our community. The backbone network is capable of delivering up to 10 Gbps internet speed, while most residences will not require more than 1 Gbps.

Your Three Steps to Getting Connected

Welcome to BrooksNET! To make things simpler, we’re going to walk you through the process and get you set up on our network.

Step 1: Select a Retail Service Provider (RSP)

Check out our service offerings provided over the BrooksNET network. Select an RSP and choose your package that best suits you.

Step 2: Site Visit

Authorise your preferred RSP to survey your property, determining the best route to connect to the network. Once your property is surveyed, sign up for a Fibre Internet package.

Step 3: Installation

Once your property is connected to BrooksNET and you’ve signed up for services, your RSP will perform home installation and activate the service when it’s available.

Message from Mayor of the City of Brooks

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John Petrie

Mayor, City of Brooks

“BrooksNET is a game changer for the City of Brooks.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about our services

BrooksNET is an open access fibre-optic network that the City of Brooks and our partner, Community Network Partners, are building. Think of it as a road – the City builds the road and then trucking companies operate on the road network. In this case, we’re building the fibre-optic network and internet service providers will be able to operate on our network. Our hope is that we will build one high-tech, dependable network so that others don’t have to do the same thing in five or ten years. It would be weird if every trucking company that operated in town had to build their own road, right?

Internet access is important – very important – to the growth of our local businesses and our community. We’re building BrooksNET with future needs in mind and in doing so, will be able to bring new opportunities for students, businesses, producers, creators, people working from home, and more. Service levels in Brooks aren’t terrible, but with a median download speed of 22.5 Mbps and upload speed of 6.59 Mbps, we fall pretty far below the CRTC minimum standard of 50 Mbps for downloads and 10 Mbps for uploads. The City Council decided to make an investment in our future and ensure that we don’t get left behind.

In order to get your property (business or home) connected to the network, you have to sign up for a service contract with one of our Internet Service Providers. A standard connection to the network is free but each retailer will have different packages and prices for services. Your monthly bill will come from whichever service provider you choose, not from the City of Brooks. They provide the services and we provide the network for them to operate on.

Each retailer has their own packages and pricing. Take a look at what each one has to offer and choose the best option for your home or business!

Our design team has divided the city into seven “Service Zones” labelled A-G. A map showing the Service Zones is available on our website and social media accounts. The first Zone to be constructed will be Zone D and after that we’ll be working counter-clockwise through Zone C, A and B plus Zone F as permitting allows. Ideally, we will get these Zones completed in 2022 and will work on the remaining zones E and G in 2023. Follow the BrooksNET Facebook and Instagram accounts for construction updates. We’ll also be sharing updates in the Brooks Bulletin and through local radio stations on Talk of the Town.

BrooksNET is built by the community, for the community. We don’t have stockholders demanding high profits, so we can offer better costs and more economical services than privately-owned networks. Plus, when you sign up for BrooksNET, you’re ultimately giving back to your own community. The community will receive $10/mo for every customer that accesses the network, regardless of which RSP the customer chooses. So if you’re going to be paying $100/mo for internet anyways, why not pay it to an organisation that gives back to the community?

Absolutely! If you come across an exciting limited period offer by one of BrooksNET’s RSPs, but you’re bound by your current internet contract that’s ending in 6 months, you could still sign up and capitalize on the offer. Sign up with the RSP to claim the offer within the limited time period, get your property connected to the network, and make the switch when you’re done with your existing contract. You won’t have to pay anything until you actually start using the service.
All of them! This is a community initiative and therefore is available to the ENTIRE community. It’s not just for downtown businesses, or for newer neighbourhoods, or for people who live in big houses… BrooksNET is for EVERYONE! The City of Brooks and our partner CNPI are giving equal opportunity to everyone in our community because we strongly believe internet access should be for everyone.

Find your zone

What zone are you in?

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